Do the chairs and foot rests need to be treated?

We do recommend staining the wood before assembly if you choose to stain it. When the cedar is treated with stain or oil, it enhances the natural colours of the cedar, and helps keep the color of the wood vibrant.

Due to cedar's resistance to decay the chair could be treated (stain or oil), or left untreated.  When left untreated and natural, the cedar eventually turns rustic grey.


Do we ship internationally?

Of course! Shipping costs are set by Canada post and vary depending on where the product is being shipped. We only charge what we pay to ship, we don't make money on shipping.


What stain do we use or recommend?

We recommend an oil based stain. In our damp environment we have been happy with Sico Proluxe. This stain is widely available in Canada and their 'clear' tint really brings out the natural undertones of the various colours of the Western Red Cedar and showcases the grain very well.  It has outstanding UV protection to keep the natural tones and shades of the cedar without letting the sun turn it grey.

You may need to re-stain your product yearly, it depends on its environment and if it is set outside all year long in the rain and sun or if it is in a shaded area and brought indoors for the winter.


Is salvaged wood the same as reclaimed?

No it is not the same.  An example of reclaimed wood is a barn that has been torn down and the lumber being used for a new project.  The salvaged wood we use is from whole trees that have fallen from windstorms or land slides. It is new lumber that has never been stained or painted before and there are no nail holes.